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Silver Bohemian Bracelet

Silver Bohemian Bracelet
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For Women
Celebrating the bold and feminine, it is for the woman who is unafraid to express herself with daring, fashion-forward looks.
Quality Material
The material of this line is a particular alloy called ‘Zama’ is composed by 4 metals.Zinc,Aluminium,Magnesium and Copper.
I made this engraved ethnic accessory for you, to make you look elegant.This Silver Bohemian bracelet is made of zamak components. Zamak is an alloy of zinc,aluminum,magnesium and copper.Our all products are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Silver Plated Metal Jewelry stands out with flashy designs. If you have a modern and rebellius style, this hippie style bracelet is for you.If you are looking for a birthday or engagement gift for your lover ,wife or friend,this Bohemian Metal Bracelet may interest you.Each Boho Bracelet will be wrapped as a gift.To clean and polish this Silver cuff bracelet,you can use silver cleaning cloth.

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